​​​ Sunny Terrace Shibas

We live in the Missouri Ozarks on a small farmed named Sunny Terrace. We have bred and trained dogs for 23 years and have bred shibas for the past 17 years. We have four children, we have three daughters in school and our son and daughter in law live right down the road. Our raising dogs is very much a family effort and everyone has a part. Our daughters help care for dogs and puppies with a special consideration for socialization. They also have a big part in showing our dogs, we have attended both ACA and APRI shows throughout the years. 

My husband has been a Deputy Sheriff  for 28 years. Since he has often been on call and worked odd hours I chose to stay home with our children. This has blessed me with much needed time to devote to raising our dogs and puppies here on our farm. I also spend many hours each year attending continuing education seminars and other educational events. The devotion and time we have spent on our dogs has paid off as shown by the quality and temperament of our shibas. 

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