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We love to hear from you after you have received your puppy, please keep in touch and we especially like to see pictures of our puppies as they grow.  Here are a few remarks from some of our previous customers.

We do not ever give the private contact information of our past buyers to prospective buyers. We are happy to provide the name and number of our vet clinic for those who would like to speak with them prior to purchasing one of our puppies. 

Dear Crystal,I am writing you to give you some news about the puppy we bought from you the last 6th of November. She is healthy, smart, cuddling...simply perfect and beautiful! These are some pictures of her...thank you again!Claudia and Hamza

I just wanted to say thank you again!!! I named my puppy Nash and I could not be happier with him!! He is so well behaved and was obviously loved on from day 1 by you guys.  I took him to the vet, and not only was he perfectly healthy, but he was also the first shiba inu that the vet had seen in person:)  Love this little puppy so much!! Thanks, Ashton    

Dear Davis Family, I like to check and see what kind of puppies you have from time to time. I see that you now raise Shiba Inu's only. I wanted you to know that our boy Bailey was adopted through Sunny Terrace. He is the best doggie ever. He loves to be loved and is very sweet. I can only guess it's because of the great deal of love he was given by your family before he came to Pennsylvania to live. I wanted to thank you for caring so much about the health and emotional stability of your puppies. It's breeders like you that give so much to these little fur babies that make them wonderful lifetime companions. Thank you! Here's our Bailey.    

I purchased Kato from you in August and it has been such a joy to have him in my life. He has such a great personality and is very loving and smart! I was so happy with him I decided to get another puppy from you! I am so impressed with the customer service I have received from you and knowing what a great place the puppies come from :) Anytime anyone ask me where I got my "fox" from, I always make sure they look you up online. The whole experience has been wonderful. Thank you again! Katrina      

Thanks Crystal,  It has been a wonderful experience purchasing mikee and he is already on my sisters bed he is very cute and small and we really thank you because he is the greatest dog we could ever have. Thanks, Juan  

Hi Crystal, Good evening! How are you? I hope you remember me. I was the guy that purchased Kendo from you a couple months ago. Thank you so much for helping me out. I kid you not, he's the star of the show wherever he goes! Everyone always seems to want to pet him. They are amazed that when they find out he isn't a fox. I wanted to share some pictures of him with you (they are in sequence from first day to now). He's a very healthy 21 pound baby boy. Regards, Jimmy    

He is such an amazing little guy, you did an amazing job with him, I can already tell he's going to be such a great little guy thank you! Christina    

Hey crystal, hope all is well with you. Tundra has started obedience classes and is taking to them very well. He has mainly been working on leash training. He now walks to the side of you, stops when you stop and starts when you say heel. He is a very smart pup and all the women and children love him. I will keep you updated. Thanks, Byron    

Good afternoon, I purchased Meeko a couple of years ago from you. He is amazing and couldn’t ask for a better pup.  

Hi Crystal, Two years ago we purchase our sweet Miley from you. We were thinking about you today and thought I should send you an updated picture. Miley is doing wonderful. She is an extremely happy dog. Her favorite things to do are go for walks, play keep away, and watch out the window. Here favorite treat is puppcorn. We feel extremely blessed to have her in our lives. Thank you! -Amber, Brian, and Miley

Here are some pics of Daisy with my son Owen this morning. She has not had any accidents in the house yet!!!!!!!!!! That's a good thing. We named her Daisy. I think she is learning it already cause when I call that name she comes running. She is so playful with Foxy.                                           Christy

          Hi Crystal, I just came across your web site today, and I saw the references section.  We both strongly recommend your kennel to anyone looking for a new puppy.  We are so happy with the Shiba Inu puppy we purchased from you in December.  We named her Mya-which is very fitting because her motto is "everything is mine!"  She is a great puppy, and did so well with house training.  She loves to play and has already learned many tricks.  She will even jump over mud puddles when we go out for a walk!  We are so happy with the way you raised her, and buying her from you was such an easy process.  You were great to work with, and we just loved all of the cute pictures you sent!  Whenever we decide to get another puppy, it will definitely be from your kennel. Thanks again for everything! Matt, Sheri and Mya    

Hello this is Bernadette and Anthony. We received the cutest puppy from you back in May. We love Kujo so much and he is so adorable. He has so much personality!     Hi Crystal, WOW! I never thought I would receive a puppy with the personality of this beautiful boy. I can truly see he has been played with and talked to by your family. I have had Zayden with me all day in the library and he has yet to meet a stranger. He is full of energy and a true blessing for my daughter. Thank you for all your assistance with our new family member. I will keep in touch with pictures!                      LaDonna    

I just picked up the puppy from the airport. Thank you so much for amazing costumer service and for the amazing dog. We will take good care of him. We love him.  Thank you very much, Gary

Hi Crystal,  I just wanted to let you know how our puppy is doing. We bought our shiba from you last January, you had called her Mira (?) we changed her name to Haloa.  She is doing wonderfully! We love having her in our home and being apart of our family. I have attached a current picture of her. As you can see she has changed her colors and has a beautiful face. We always get stopped by people wanting to tell us how beautiful she is! What a treat!  Thank you so much! Sincerely  Mary and Patrick

Kitsu (now re-named "Tory") is absolutely perfect !!! We are so ecstatic to have him & love him even more than we could have imagined !!!  Elizabeth

Hi Crystal, Good afternoon. I just wanted to confirm receipt of Kendo. The pictures on your site don't do him justice! He is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen! Thank you so much! I'll send you pictures shortly. Jimmy   She is doing fabulous! she just came out of her first heat and we're taking her to get fixed before the second one starts. she's very well trained, I was surprised how quickly she learned! everyone who meets her falls in love with her instantly!! i couldn't be happier with her! Kerrie  

Hi Crystal, We got Tokyo and he's doing great! Thanks for all your help throughout this process. Have a great Christmas and New Year! Thanks, Brandi

Hi Crystal, We wanted to let you know we picked up Jindo! He's even cuter in person! Thank you so much. We will give him a very happy home. :) Thanks again, Ally  

Hi Crystal :-) Just wanted to say thanks again for this precious little pup! He is absolutely amazing and just such a love! My boyfriend and I fell in love with him immediately! He is doing so well (so far) and is such a smart little boy! Already using the puppy pad and sleeping in his little puppy bed :-) we love him so much! We named him Kuma since he looks like a little bear :-) he comes to work with me every day and is so great with my clients-especially the kids :-) thanks again for making this Christmas a great one :-) hope you have a wonderful Christmas :-) here is a pic of my little boy :-) Traci  

Hi Crystal, The little precious puppy has arrived safely to our home. Stella Bauer is just perfect. We couldn't have asked for a nicer puppy. We'll get a picture of her with the whole family and send it your way. It is quite obvious she came from a great nurturing home. Thank you for everything, Jackie  

Hi Crystal!, I received my puppy and I cant tell you how happy, and excited and also overwhelmed I am lol. But I picked her up safely and got everything she will need for our new home. I went ahead and bought nutrisource for her to eat, a bed and crate, as well as a few toys for her. Thank you so much, attached is a picture of my two babies together. Thank you so much, Jason  

Crystal, Abbey (named after Abbey Road Studios in London) is a wonderful puppy! We could not have asked for a nicer little girl. She is also very busy. She went to the vet today and it all went well. If you like, I will give you an update periodically- Jayne   Here is a picture of April aka Mika all grown up! Just wanted to update you. She is the most beautiful and wonderful puppy. Thank you so much for her. And her color changed perfectly. Hope all is well Alexa  

Thank you so much! We love her. Her name is Dakota : ) The driver was very kind and handed her to my son. She is settling into her new home very well she has 2 playmates and sleeps with our 3 year old shiba inu Brady> Just wanted to let you know she made it safe Thank you again, The Clark Family  

Just a quick check in Takyra is the joy of everyone she meets....this dog has more fans than a rock star !!! Attached is a 7 month picture she looks awesome!!! Kym  

Hello Crystal, I have picked up Hiroshi today! He is in good health and very adorable! He is now home and playing with Yummy, they get along really well! We decide to name him Oishi! Thank you very much for giving such a great dog. Regards, Do  

Hello Crystal, I bought the black and tan girl from you last year. I named her Isabelle. She is honestly incredible and my family loved that I got her. She is calm and quiet most of the time but loves to play fetch and walk whenever I'm in the mood. She has been one of the greatest dogs I have ever had and am very thankful I received her. My girlfriend says she is very sassy at times but I wouldn't have her any other way. She a joy to have in the house and wherever I go. My parents wish we didn't get her spayed because she is such a wonderful dog and wish they breed her. I bet her mother is truly a wonderful dog as well and thanks again so much. I included 3 photos of her. My girlfriend said they were cute so I thought I would send them to you. Thanks again. Sincerely, Andrew  

Hi. Just wanted to send you an updated picture if our Keiko. She's doing good. She never really barks but she whines for her attention. Her new playmate is a rabbit we got as a bunny at Easter, they chase each other around the house. Its quite amusing actually. In this picture, we were changing the bed sheets and she decided to get cozy. She is quite spoiled. She finds any blanket, pillow or pile of clothes to lay on. Well, hope all is well. Take care. Yolanda  

API arrived safely in Italy! He did so well on the plane ride and everyone from the airport in NYC to Milan has fallen in love with him. Best Regards Eboni & Ahmed  

Hi Crystal. Here's a recent pic of Kita. She loves to dig up worms and toss them around. Even though she dug up the yard to get to em we still love her :-). We are so happy with her! I really didn't know he would be this cute! And she is staying small at 6 months she weighed in at 11 pounds and she eats like a piglet! We are awaiting a huge growth spurt ;-) Thank you again for such a wonderful addition to our family! Jen, sam, cal, brad, Ellie and Kita!    

This is the latest picture just taken the other day... She is such a great dog we couldn't be happier, sorry I took such a long time to send this Thanks -Corey  

Abbey is a wonderful Shiba! She is very smart and also mischievous! She had done very well at puppy class and I was thinking of doing agility lessons with her. Here is a picture of Abbey from a few weeks ago! She is so pretty- and a favorite everywhere we go! :-) Thanks, Jayne  

Crystal, Coco got home safe. She's been a really good girl. Thank you so much. We are so happy to have her as part of our family. Take care!   Lacy is here safe and sound!! Yesterday we introduced her to shumba and it took just a few sniffs and it was over! She was very shy and was hiding in every nook and cranny and really hated the leash! But this morning she's gone on three short walks with me and shumba and she's not fighting the leash very much anymore and is following around shumba like a kid sister should. They have started to play and run around and I'm so happy that it has been this easy so far. I've learned that she likes laps, she likes small spaces, she likes to be petted and she has a good appetite. And she is gorgeous! She's a miniature version of my first dog. She's so so so cute. She was definitely the right decision. I'm glad that we chose your kennel. Thank you so much! I'll keep you informed. Thank you again!! Teresa