​​​ Sunny Terrace Shibas

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Sunny Terrace Shibas
Craig and Crystal Davis
Neosho MO 417-592-3458

     We have devoted much time, money, and energy to produce the best puppy possible and to the best of our knowledge all puppies we sell are in good health. We follow all currently accepted health practices regarding sanitation, health screenings, deworming, and vaccinations under the advice of our veterinarian. We warrant that at the time of purchase your puppy will be free of all major illness and will have a current health certificate issued by our veterinarian. We ask that within the first three days of ownership you have this puppy seen by a veterinarian of your choice, at your expense, or all warrantees are null and void. If the puppy is found to have any issues within these three days we must be notified immediately, and we reserve the right for the puppy to be reevaluated by a veterinarian of our choice. We do not warrant against common parasites or kennel cough, as these can at times be unpreventable even within the best programs of care.

     We offer a TWO YEAR (from date of birth) genetic health warranty. This covers severe, life threatening or life shortening genetic defects. If puppy is determined to be defective we will replace it with the next available comparable puppy of our choice. In the event a puppy needs to be replaced the original puppy and registration papers must be returned to us. (At buyer’s expense)  In the event the puppy needs to be euthanized, you must have permission from us before the puppy is to be euthanized for the warranty to be applicable. We do not refund the purchase price.

      We do not warrant against any condition caused by carelessness, negligence or abuse on the part of the buyer. We are not responsible for accidental death or injuries after the puppy has passed into buyer’s possession. We do not take responsibility for veterinarian bills or any other expenses incurred after the purchase of the puppy. We are not responsible for damages caused by the puppy. We do not warrant anything other than health. We can give you our best educated guess on the prediction of size, color, and temperament but these are living animals and as at times genetics are unpredictable, we cannot guarantee these things. No guarantee is made regarding the ability to breed or show.  


     The buyer agrees to keep this puppy up to date on all vet care, vaccinations, deworming, including heartworm prevention, and keep it on an appropriate diet, and all other usual necessary procedures and care. We strongly recommend attending a basic obedience class and taking measures to assure your puppy is properly socialized.


     The buyer agrees they will not ever surrender this puppy to a pound, shelter or rescue. We have a lifetime open door return policy, in the event that a family is no longer able to care for their dog it can be returned to us (at their expense) and we will assume all responsibilities for it until a suitable new family can be found. There will be no refunds, exchanges or charges when returning a dog.

This warranty is valid only for original purchaser.

This puppy is being sold on a pet contract without breeding rights._____  
Puppies sold on a pet contract must be spayed or neutered by 18 months of age.

 This puppy is being sold with breeding rights and full registration._____

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