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Sometimes it can be tricky to balance our desire to accommodate prospective puppy buyers while maintaining the safety and health of our dogs/puppies. We understand your excitement but until you take your puppy home, we are responsible for your puppy's health and safety.  We take every precaution to prevent the transfer of disease, reduce stress and keep our dogs/puppies safe from any threat. Because we take our responsibility seriously we have a no visitation policy at our home and kennel. 

Many people do not realize how easily deadly diseases can be transferred on your shoes, clothes, or hands and how easily young puppies that are not fully vaccinated can acquire diseases. Puppies should be very carefully protected until they have their first sets of vaccinations and extra precautions should be taken until they are fully vaccinated.  Most of our puppies are sold before they are old enough to leave, and until they are in the waiting hands of their new families, we take our responsibility to keep them as safe as possible seriously. This includes doing everything we can to reduce the risk of contracting a disease by using the most modern vaccination schedule, disinfection protocol, husbandry practices, and practicing recommended bio-security protocols. 

Disease prevention is of course one of the biggest concerns with allowing visitors, but it is by no means the only concern. When puppies are young, visitors can stress the mom of the litter if she is a protective mother.  Also in this day and age unfortunately there is the safely factor to consider,  there have been many cases in the news of people pretending to be interested in purchasing a puppy only to have them sneak back later and steal the puppy or even worse the entire litter. Carefully bred purebred dogs are in such a high demand now that they have become a very desirable target for criminals.  We have had some situations that have made us aware that not everyone has the best of intentions and we are willing to do everything we can to protect both our puppies/dogs and our family. 

It has been our experience that  families who have reserved puppies with us are thankful for this policy, as they certainly do not want their new puppy to get sick or for anything bad to happen while in our care. 

Our kennel is visited by our veterinarian, and we also have several unannounced inspections every year from the Missouri Dept of Ag.  

These are the professionals that assure you we are doing a good job. =)

We post photos of our available puppies on our website and often take videos for prospective buyers.  We will also provide photos of the parents of our puppies. Puppies are available to be seen, if so desired, after they have received two series of vaccinations at 8 weeks of age, we will meet you at a safe location to view the puppies. You are welcome to come pick up your puppy once it has reached 8 weeks, we are happy to meet you at a safe local location.