Litter #2

We have two red boys available in this litter.  They have import lines and US show lines. Both parents have OFA certifications. 

$1800 plus delivery if needed. 


​​​ Sunny Terrace Shibas

Available Puppies

Welcome to our Puppy Page!

We require a non refundable deposit to hold a puppy until it is old enough to leave, the deposit is half of the price of the puppy. The balance is due when the puppy is picked up or if it is being delivered the balance and shipping fee is due three days before we leave to deliver the puppy.

If you have chosen a puppy,  PLEASE put a deposit down as soon as you can, sometimes they are sold very quickly and we hate it when someone is disappointed. We do not hold a puppy for someone until we have received the deposit. Puppies are ready to be picked up at 8 weeks of age. We accept payment through and you may use a credit/debit card. If you would like to use another payment option just let us know. Unfortunately, we NO LONGER will accept mailed payments due to people telling us they have mailed payments when they haven't, sorry!

Each puppy MUST receive a health certificate from our vet before they leave for their new home. Our vet is not open on weekends so if you would like to pick up your puppy over the weekend we need to know several days in advance so we can have everything ready.

Each puppy includes health paperwork, puppy food, and registration papers/pedigree.  


Our adult shibas are duel registered with AKC and APRI. We show our shibas with APRI and our puppies are registered with APRI. Your new puppy will come with an APRI registration paper and a three generation pedigree. If you would like AKC papers you are able to send a copy of the APRI papers to AKC and they will issue you an AKC paper.

All puppies are micro~chipped before they go to their new family!

Please take the time to transfer the micro-chip into your name so if your dog is lost and found they have a way to contact you!

We reserve the right to cancel a purchase transaction at any time before delivery.

E-mail us!!

Litter #1

We have two long coated black and tan boys available. They are out of our beautiful import male Chiko. Both parents have OFA certifications and Chiko is an APRI champion.

$1800 plus delivery if needed. 

You are welcome to choose your new shiba puppies name. You do not need to keep the name we use for them while they are here.

Shiba puppies and adults can look much larger in photos than they do in real life. People are often surprised when they see their puppy how much smaller they are than they looked in the photos. 

Shiba puppies can change color drastically as they get older. Red puppies usually lose the black on the muzzle and the black tipping, they will develop more white markings or "urajiro" on their face, chest, and stomach. Their red color usually brightens up and they are a red and white when grown.  Most puppies that are labeled as Red Sesame are not, red sesame puppies are very very dark when they are young. They will keep the black tipping as they get older. Black and tan puppies also can change color as they get older.  Cream puppies usually stay very close to the same color as an adult as they are as puppies.